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Enabling Better Healthcare

MedClimate CareConnect enables corporate wellness companies to be more efficient, expand their business and lower operating costs.

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The CareConnect Platform

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By offering your patients a way to communicate and checkin on their health goals in a convenient way - you're empowering them and encouraging them to maintain their healthy behaviors and reach their health goals.

Coaches can also use our mobile apps to run their practice completely virtually and keep a constant eye on their patients.

Getting healthy has never been so easy.


The platform offering

We understand the difficulty and complexity in managing hundreds of thousands of patients when each client has unique requirements for their wellness program. That's why we created CareConnect - the white-label platform solution aimed at streamlining your company and customizing each of your clients' programs to tailor to their needs.

Our coaching dashboard allows your health coaches to reach patients in a convenient and fun way - improving health outcomes and generating more revenue for you! We have also built a robost data visualization platform that provides real-time biometric and HRA data to seemlessly identify the highest risk employees and have them get started with your health coaches.

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