Celebrating Global Innovation at the Olympics

If you’re not in London to celebrate the Olympics, perhaps the next best place to be is the British Embassy in Washington, DC. Here, MedClimate was invited to share our story with diplomats, investors and entrepreneurs from around the world in celebration of the Olympic spirit. The party, hosted by British Ambassador, Peter Westmacott, hosted a number of DC’s finest and a host of global innovators. The idea? Let’s keep in the theme of the Olympics by showcasing DC-based startups that are innovating industries in the US, but also around the world. With MedClimate CareConnectâ„¢, we demonstrated how we can change the way doctors and patients communicate both at home and around the world. Imagine remote communities in developing countries having the opportunity to connect with top doctors through telemedicine. We can make that a reality.

As mentioned in our previous post, our new app will hit the market in the next month or so – so keep an eye out. Also, please remember to register with us and we’ll keep you up-to-date on our development.