New Years Resolutions

As 2011 has now come to an end and we all look to our resolutions for the New Year, many of us will look to lose weight, exercise more, eat healthier and get ready for beach season. However, there is a lot more to being healthy than diet and exercise alone. Preventative medicine is one of the best ways to stay healthy and we should all do a better job at it.

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Visiting your family doctor for a yearly physical is a great way to find many early-stage diagnoses before it gets too late. Check for high blood pressure, high cholesterol, cancer screenings, diabetes and blood abnormalities. If your a woman over 40, make sure to get a breast examination as well. Men, you will need an annual prostate examination. If you are over 50, everyone should receive a colonoscopy about every 10 years.

You should request a complete blood count (CBC) test when you visit. This usually counts as a nurse’s visit and will not cost you an additional copay if you need to come back.

All of this information is difficult to track and remember when you received your last examination, what those results were and what treatment course was suggested by your doctor. Let MedClimate™ help you by keeping track of these things for you, sending you alerts and allowing you to track your progress online.

When you arrive, you should bring a list of medications, immunizations and medical history with you. A list of questions for your doctor would also be very helpful. You can print these from your Patient Portal account, or you can access them directly from your mobile or tablet device.

So for this new year, remember that your whole health is important. Let’s all eat right, exercise more regularly, visit our doctor and our dentist. Comprehensive health starts with very simple steps and can help make your 2012 a happy and healthy new year.

Tim Barnes
Founder & CEO