Spring Cleaning

Well folks, it’s now the middle of March. It’s warming up here in DC – around 70 degrees every day. Spring is right around the corner and we never really received a Winter, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t eat like it was.


As a New year’s resolution, I picked the same resolution many of you probably did – to get back into shape. For Lent, it was time to give up junk food, exercise more and reduce the intake of other libations. So here we are in mid-March and I could count the number of times I visited the gym in 2012 on one hand. So what’s the problem? Perhaps its the hectic schedule. We’re starting a company here and trying to provide the greatest services available to our users which is a time-consuming practice. Maybe it is too difficult to avoid the client dinners and meetup happy hours that are important for building a network for MedClimate. Or, perhaps it’s just too easy to throw some food into the microwave and grab a beer rather than cut some vegetables and make a salad.

In any event, we have arrived in March and it’s time to make a change. Our founding team celebrated their birthdays on March 6th and 10th. Rather than do what most people would do at their birthday, we’re making a change here. We’re going to actually practice what we preach and get out their to the gym, eat healthy and start visiting the doctor more frequently. It’s time for us to start joining everyone else in their struggle towards getting healthy.

We understand the difficulty that each of us face towards fulfilling our exercise goals. Working 10 hour days, commuting to the office, picking up the kids, cooking dinner and maintaining an orderly house are responsibilities that are worthy of more than a full day. Yet somewhere in that time, we are forced to find time to visit the gym for a few hours, purchase fresh produce from the grocery store and give up some of our relaxation time to video conference with our physicians.

Here is our promise to you: While we continue to build products, we will always keep you in mind and consider your hectic schedules. We will build products that help you to get healthy and to save time while doing it. In addition, we will start to aggregate and partner with worthy organizations that can provide you with exercises you can do at your desk, quick meals that are healthy too and solutions that will help you to prevent diseases, maintain chronic illness and stay healthy without taking much time out of your day.

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~Tim Barnes
Founder & CEO