Bootstrapping Innovation for Healthcare Technology


Bootstrapping a company is never an easy thing to do. Building a team, a product, a customer base and staying sane isn’t easy when you’re forced to do it by yourself – or with a small team. When it’s time to raise capital, companies that have been driving forward for months on little sleep and with few breaks are asked to explain every aspect of the company to the VC, Angel or PE firm that they meet with. Of course, companies make mistakes from time-to-time – we all do. What separates great companies from the rest is when the team can hold their own and not compromise their vision or mission while continuing to be successful. That’s what our team has done.

For the past year, the MedClimate team has worked diligently to bring great products to our customers and our users through hard work and unquestionable passion. Through product development and fulfillment, we are there for our users and our customers when they need us the most. Please know that as our company grows, we will continue our tradition of great service and quality delivery. As always, you can contact us with any feedback that you have.