Affordable Care Act and Technology Innovation

Well folks, it’s official that the Affordable Care Act (ACA (or Obamacare)) has been accepted and upheld by the Supreme Court. What does this really mean for us as patients, as providers and as innovators in health IT? For patients, it can very well mean longer waits at the doctor’s office and more delays in attempting to get an appointment. For providers, it can mean more headaches for less reimbursement. For healthcare innovators, it means opportunity.

MedClimate prides itself on creating products that deliver benefits to the healthcare ecosystem (patients, providers, payors) in order to promote better healthcare delivery that is more efficient and costs less. With the acceptance of the ACA, we want to promote our MedClimate CareConnect product that offers patients an ability to reach their providers more easily through video conferencing technology. Providers benefit by streamlining their practice and seeing more patients – increasing reimbursement rates.

As it is, the US is expected to fall short by 100-150K physicians by 2020. The ACA compounds this issue by creating a new rush for services, inundating physicians and other providers. Healthcare systems need to learn how to better utilize their staff while still providing quality healthcare delivery.

There are several types of technical innovations that will help our fragile healthcare system deliver care to over 300 million patients. Innovations in mHealth, data informatics, telemedicine, patient social networking and remote monitoring will all be necessary to improve health outcomes. MedClimate helps to innovate 3 out of 5 these.

We are all healthcare consumers. MedClimate is not only innovating for our country, but we’re innovating for our families.